Hiring Process: Employers are Pickier than Ever

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As any job seeker knows, the hiring process often takes several weeks from the initial interview to the job offer. While you may be anxious to find out if you've landed your dream job or not, the sheer number of applicants for any position means that human resources have a lot of screening to do before deciding to hire anyone. Indeed, despite the recovering economy, companies are afraid to waste money by hiring the wrong person for the job.

According to Glassdoor.com, which collects hiring information from different companies, the interview process at major companies like Starbucks and Southwest Airlines have nearly doubled compared to 2010. With the surplus of people hoping to land a job, companies are willing to play the waiting game until the perfect candidate shows up. Since a company will spend a considerable amount of money on a new hire's training, remuneration, benefits, and bonuses, whoever they finally hire must really be worth the expense.

One measure that employers use to prevent hiring mistakes is employee background screening. Through it, they can double check claims like education or work history to make sure that an applicant is who he claims to be. With pre-employment screening methods, dishonest or incompetent candidates—who will ultimately damage the company—are weeded out.

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