It is every employer’s right to assure themselves that any employee they’re about to hire will not cause any harm or legal trouble to the company and its personnel. As such, a lot of HR departments have started scouring through social media profiles in order to get a good read of every prospective employee.
However, there is such a thing as overstepping the bounds of privacy—particularly when an applicant’s social media profile is involved. A lot of highly qualified candidates often feel disappointed and vulnerable upon finding out that their profiles have been scoured.
Employers therefore need effective background screening services that produce highly satisfactory results and are less likely to alienate qualified applicants who are active on social networking sies. These services may entail a thorough public records search as well as inquiries into an applicant’s educational background and employment history. These tasks must be conducted in accordance with HR best practices as well as Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements to safeguard the privacy of each individual under consideration.

Although social media screening may be helpful to some extent, employers still need to be circumspect when it comes to this screening method. Luckily, companies can turn to a trusted employment screening service provider for a suite of services that meet their recruitment needs.
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