Even if trucking business owners did not have prior knowledge about an employee’s previous brushes with the law, they can still be held liable for a road accident under employer negligence policies or under vicarious liability type circumstances too. Any company who hires a worker for driving duties is obligated to ensure that the said worker is a responsible driver who won’t put other motorists in danger, by his or her actions or previous bad driving history. Business owners or managers who are unfamiliar with the methods to conduct a comprehensive record search can rely on a public record search service like The Accu-Facts Company.

Owners of trucking companies, or any other similar business using drivers, have an obligation to hire not only skillful and well-trained drivers, but drivers free of major traffic violations as well. By doing this, they can reduce the risks of road accidents due to the driver’s error or negligence, while they have mitigated their liability concerns with the utmost due diligence.

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