Getting the Good Guys with a Background Check

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A report by the Society for Human Resource Management states that more than 96 percent of American employers perform background checks to screen applicants prior to employing them. Some people might feel wary about being watched and recorded about, but background checks aren't invasions of privacy. Instead, they involve checking the public records of individuals, particularly work and criminal history records.

Employers can't just keep hiring every person they see; they need to make sure that an applicant not only has what it takes, but abides by the rules and isn't known for anything reprehensible. This isn't just about preserving work and social ethics in the workplace; it's also for the sake of the customers as well. Customers feel a lot safer when they're dealing with an employee who's devoid of any wrongdoing.

Companies intending to perform background checks on their applicants must know that there's a procedure to be followed. First, the applicant should sign a disclosure form that permits the company to perform the background check. Additionally, state laws can restrict how companies can use such information, as well as how businesses should respect the privacy of their applicants. Folks should rest easy knowing that their sensitive personal information is only being used for hiring purposes.
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