The Hiring Process: Falsified Documents

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The television series Suits is one of the more popular shows in the United States. The entire series revolves around a man named Mike who was recently hired to be an associate at a top-tier law firm despite the fact that he never went to law school at all.

Although falsifying documents makes for an intriguing storyline, such events do happen in the real world, unfortunately. In fact, a prestigious school in South Korea was rocked with scandal as it was revealed that one of their professors had lied about attending Yale University.

Falsifying documents to land a job isn’t restricted to just those applying to be a regular employee. Just last year, Scott Thompson stepped down as Yahoo's CEO when it was discovered that he did not hold the computer science degree that his resumé bore, showing that even top executives should probably undergo careful employment background screening as well.

Pre-employment screening is important because applicants should have the necessary educational background and skills for the job they're applying for. Moreover, any job that involves access to confidential data or access to huge budgets should be given only to trustworthy company members.

If you are an employer, you should contact a reliable employment background screening service to weed out applicants who have presented false resumés. Chances are, your company is better off without these people.
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