Clearly, employers need effective employment background screening services that produce highly satisfactory results without alienating qualified applicants who just happen to also be active social media users. So, some states have already passed laws to disallow this practice, while employers can no longer ask for “passwords” nor seek authority to conduct such reviews, in the hiring phase. The customary and usual background screening services may include a thorough public records search and other position related inquiries, into an applicant’s education and previous employment history, for example. These and all similar screening tasks need to be done in accordance with HR best practices, under federal FCRA guidelines with an authentic and signed Release Form, and activities must meet the local state laws, to ensure the protection of privacy for all parties involved and that meet the test of compliance.

While social media screening may be helpful to some extent, employers nonetheless have to be careful when it comes to this background screening method. A reputable employment screening service provider, such as The Accu-Facts Company, provides a suite of professional services to meet the recruitment needs of various industries, categories of jobs, and positions that need mandatory tasks conducted to qualify for the job up front.
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